Chapter/SIG World Conference Submission Sponsorship

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The "sponsorship" means that the Chapter/SIG members or leadership have put their support behind a presentation, as a quality representation of work in their field of study (SIG) or geographic area (Chapter). It means that the Chapter/SIG has reviewed and approved (and in some cases "spurred" the creation of) the submission.

The Program review committee takes this information and gives those submissions extra consideration, because a group (Chapter or SIG) has already reviewed/approved the submission. Sponsorship does not guarantee acceptance of any particular submission.

Sponsorship also allows the particular SIG or Chapter to direct its members to items of interest while at the World Conference, which is a service given the complexity of our programs.

The person who submits that particular session to the conference would indicate the sponsorship at the time of submission.

In the program the submission would appear as (example): "ACT for Anxiety: Sponsored by ACT Italia Chapter".

There is no further commitment by the Chapter or SIG beyond their initial review and ageement to "sponsor".

Presentations may be "co-sponsored" by more than one SIG/Chapter (usually for a "cross-over" topic).

As of 2018 we haven't determined a maximum number of submissions that a Chapter or SIG can sponsor, but three or fewer is suggested. Please use your sponsorship wisely to help the Program Committee and draw their attention to quality submissions in your area/topic. Again, this does not guarantee acceptance, but does lend the submission to extra consideration.