Cancer Research

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Outcome Studies: Coping with Cancer

  • Páez, M., Luciano, M. C., & Gutiérrez, O. (2007). Tratamiento psicológico para el afrontamiento del cáncer de mama. Estudio comparativo entre estrategias de aceptación y de control cognitivo. [Psychological treatment for breast cancer. Comparison between acceptance based and cognitive control based strategies] Psicooncología, 4, 75–95.
  • Branstetter, A. D., Wilson, K. G., Hildebrandt, M., & Mutch, D. (2004). Improving psychological adjustment among cancer patients: ACT and CBT. Paper presented at the Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy, New Orleans.
    Large randomized trial showing that ACT is more helpful than traditional CBT in dealing with end stage cancer and works through a different process. Amazing data.

Case Studies: Coping with Cancer