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Brenda Bomgardner, ACT Supervision

I became a therapist to help people become liberated from unnecessary struggling with suffering and I became certified as a coach to help those same people and others take their relationships, careers and overall quality of life to a higher level. I know that there are ways to find relief, peace, and joy and to cultivate a life that is in line with your and your clients’ inherent values. I have experienced the benefits of living a life using the ACT stance professionally and personally. My knowledge and skills continue to deepen as time goes on. The beauty of ACT is it never seems to get old or stale. 

With supervision and consultation, I make every effort to infuse RFT into the consultation as I believe it allows the therapist or coach greater utility within ACT at grasping the interplay of the core processes. I earned a certificate from the NBCC as an Approved Clinical Supervisor and welcome people with a lens from multiple modalities as a way to use ACT to compliment their skills and knowledge.

My main areas of interest are trauma and life coaching. My former career of 17 years was spent in human resources at a Fortune 500 Company which led me to become certified as a coach with a strong interest in career development and entrepreneurship.

I began facilitating ACT groups in 2009 and then began offering ACT training/workshops in the Denver metro area to therapists and coaches in 2010. My pleasure is introducing people to ACT as if it is one of my best friends. I am glad to provide references to people who have attended my training, workshops, or supervision groups. If you would like my CV I can email it to you. 

I offer phone, video, and in person supervision and consultation to therapists, coaches, and entrepreneurs. I believe a business can reap the same benefits of ACT as an individual. Please visit my website, Creating Your Beyond, to learn more. Or make it easy for yourself and call me at 720-260-7702. 

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