Hurricane Irma Help

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Hi All,

In an effort to help those trying to deal with the stress associated with Hurricane Irma I have started a YouTube Playlist of Hurricane Irma Help videos:

These short videos are shot on the beach on Marco Island where I live. I have a free offer in them for anyone who wants to get a copy of my relaxation cd audio collection.

Feel free to watch the videos, download your free copy of my relaxation audion collection (sells on iTunes for $9.99) and pass this on to anyone you think will benefit from it. The stuff on my relaxation audion collection ranges from Diaphragmatic Breathing to Systematic Muscle Relaxation and Visualization.

It will also help those affected by Hurricane Harvey , Maria, the earthquake in Mexico City and any other major life event.

Thanks in advance for passing this information on.



ps: here is a direct download link if you can't stand watching me in the videos:)