First Spanish Book on ACT applied to Education

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"Accion tutorial y orientación: Aceptación, compromiso, valores". The English title might be something like: "Teaching and Advising at Secondary School: Acceptance, Commitment, Values".

I have just received the book from the Publishing house. My new book, the "last" one.

In Galician language we have two words to refer to “Last”: “ÚLTIMO”, which means the last of a series (like the last person in a queue) –the last for the moment- and “DERRADEIRO”, which means the absolute end (“derradeiras palabras”: the last words a person says before die) –the definitive “last”. And with the book on my hands, I wonder if this is my “ultimo” or my “derradeiro” book.

Retirement implies a bizarre affective compound: it has some drops of nostalgia for the abandoned professional way, a good deal of maturity for the many learnings collected along the time, a large extent of serenity for the lack of responsibilities and something close to a late wisdom in the realization of the things which could have been done in a better way.

In any case, this is my “last” book: the point of view of a (retired) school adviser who tried always to show his young pupils and thoughtful colleagues the need of discover the own personal values in order to draw up the own way, to compromise with every step and to accept the inevitable stumble and stones.

Anyway, I am following now up a lightly different path: I read –and translate- books on ACT, in order to show this compromising way to my colleagues –school advisors and therapists. An I am feeling very well –and committed- in my new life.

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