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The clinician, the clinician-researcher, and the contextual behavioral science research agenda (Pages 38-41)

Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science (JCBS)

Special Issue on Invited Commentaries on ACBS Taskforce Report

Volume 24, April 2022, Pages 38-41


Jacqueline B. Persons


The research agenda described in the Report of the ACBS Task Force on the Strategies and Tactics of Contextual Behavioral Science Research (Hayes et al., 2021) calls for investigations that address many pressing needs clinicians encounter daily, and I highlight several: the study of assessment methods and tools, the study of interventions, the study of change processes in treatment, and the study of functioning and well-being. I also describe two topics that are important to clinicians that were not featured in the Report: clinical decision-making and the case conceptualization. Finally, I highlight ways the CBS research agenda lends support to clinicians’ efforts to undertake research in their practice settings.

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