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Ensuring interdisciplinary partnerships and commitment to Contextual Behavioral Science (CBS) principles among diverse scholars who serve diverse communities (Pages 96-101)

Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science (JCBS)

Special Issue on Invited Commentaries on ACBS Taskforce Report

Volume 24, April 2022, Pages 96-101


Anu Asnaani, Manuel Gutierrez Chavez, Kiran Kaur


Hayes et al. (2021) provide a variety of valuable recommendations for contextual behavioral scientists to increase the impact of their research. The merits and weaknesses of these recommendations are discussed from pragmatic and theoretical perspectives. Our commentary on the positive and negative facets of the Task Force findings are informed by our extensive experience working with underrepresented communities and as scholars of color ourselves. While we agree that improving psychological science will require an interdisciplinary approach, we highlight how this white paper is not entirely accessible to diverse samples and scientists alike, and thus, may limit interdisciplinary partnerships. Moreover, further bolstering is needed related to equity, diversity, and inclusion to ensure that future CBS research can fulfill its highly prosocial and innovative mission. Lessons learned from our own work and other diversity science scholars in the field are provided in order to highlight potential future directions for CBS scholars to consider to strengthen the applicability of the Task Force recommendations across diverse samples.

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