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Ambassador and Ambassadee Program

Ambassador and Ambassadee Program In Dublin

The Women in ACBS SIG and the ACBS Membership Committee are excited to announce the Dublin World Conference Ambassador & Ambassadee Program! This program is intended to cultivate inclusivity, connection, and community in ACBS. These are values we all share and now is the time for some committed action.

Participation is easy and need not be especially time consuming – one coffee, lunch date, or small group gathering could go a long way.

In order for the program to work, we need you!

To sign up please click the link below

About the Program

This program is hosted and organised by the Women in ACBS SIG and ACBS membership Committee. The aim of this initiative is to foster community, connection, and inclusivity at the ACBS conference. We want to support delegates to feel welcomed at the conference by providing opportunities for support and connection so delegates want to come again and again, and also want to get involved in ACBS more widely.

This program will allow ACBS conference attendees (“Ambassadees”) to be matched with people who are seasoned ACBS conference attendees (“Ambassadors”) to aid in networking and provide a better overall conference experience for all.

An Ambassadee is:

• A first time ACBS conference attendee or those new to CBS OR

• Attendees who have previously attended the conference but would like to expand their network or who still doesn’t feel part of the wider ACBS community

• Attendees who are motivated to make the most of their conference experience, committed to communicating and meeting with their Ambassador, and appreciative of the time that their Ambassador devotes to them.

An Ambassador is:

• ACBS professional members who have been to the conference at least once before and are keen to expand their networks OR

• ACBS professional members interested in helping other ACBS conference attendees make the most out of their experience OR

• Current and past leaders of ACBS (both in official positions, or those considered leaders in academia or practice, including peer reviewed trainers and those on their journey to becoming peer reviewed trainers.

• Someone who can explain how to get more involved in ACBS (e.g.joining committees; volunteering; participating in social events, etc.).

Participation as an Ambassador involves only minimal effort, including the following:

• Connect with the Ambassadee(s) (you can have up to 4) at least once prior to the annual conference via e-mail or phone.

• Meet with the Ambassadee(s) at once or more onsite at the conference (coffee, a drink, whatever you prefer).

• Help the Ambassadee(s) network at the conference by introducing him or her to some of your colleagues where possible.

How do I meet up with my Ambassador or Ambassadee?

• Ambassadors will email Ambassadees before the conference in order to make a plan to meet

• Participants may chose to meet individually whenever they chose

• Alternatively, there are two planned group events planned for participants

◦ Thursday June 27th at 8am: Morning meet-up

◦ Thursday June 27th at lunch: Lunch meet-up

Why Should You Volunteer to be an Ambassador?

• It is a great privilege to represent ACBS and facilitate connection, inclusiveness and community

• The Conference Ambassador Program is flexible and you and your Ambassadee can work out the particulars so it works with (not against) your schedules.

• You may have just the right professional interests that make you aperfect match for another conference attendee. We need individuals with varying backgrounds to allow for ‘best fit’.

• The Ambassador Program also allows you to share your expertise with an Ambassadee and to foster new professional (and personal) relationships.

How it will work?

• Ambassadors will be contacted one weeks prior to the start of the conference with the names and contact details of their Ambassadees.

• The Ambassadors are then invited to contact their Ambassadees to arrange when and where to meet at the conference.

• To support opportunities for wider networking, we will publish a list of Ambassadors, so Ambassadors can get together with each other and with their Ambassadees. We recommend meeting as early as possible during the conference.

How to sign up?

In order to sign up as an Ambassador or an Ambassadee please complete the short survey using the link below. The survey will take 3-5

minutes to complete. The deadline to register is June 14th.

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