ACT/RFT Reader's Update: Final 2009 Review (July, 2010)

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Science and Practice: ACT /RFT Reader’s Update:  Final 2009 Review

Welcome to the ACT/RFT Reader’s update. This is the last issue reviewing the literature on ACT and RFT from 2009. We will be publishing updates for 2010 in late summer, fall and winter.

To kick off the issue, we want to extend a thank you to Dr. Chad Drake who has been with the Update since its inception. We thank Chad as he closes the Update chapter of his life” and wish him much success in his new and fun endeavors. Thanks Chad!

In this issue, we summarize articles on assessment, ACT and diagnostic populations, experiential avoidance, behavioral health, RFT, mindfulness and “The Great Debate”.

The attached PDF includes a Table of Contents that allows you to “click” directly to the summary of multiple articles covering a topic and/or references and abstracts that you may be interested in. In addition, citations for the latest books, book chapters, editorials, and unpublished dissertations are listed.

Our aim with this update is to provide information that is clinically relevant, scientifically sound, and of interest in the ACT/RFT community. We have worked to keep the “busy” reader in mind and hope that you find the Update useful.

** If you are a graduate student working on an ACT/RFT study and would like to have us include your dissertation or thesis citation in this update,please send us an email backchannel.

**If you have published an editorial you would like us to include that citation, please send us an email back channel.

We hope you will find our e-mail updates of interest and value.  If you have questions, please contact Robyn Walser, or Maggie Chartier,

Our editors and reviewers include:
       Robyn Walser, PhD
       Maggie Chartier, PhD, MPH
       Katie Sears, PhD
       Thuy Tran, BS
       Chad Drake, PhD
       Elizabeth Gifford, PhD
       Ian Stewart, PhD
       Christi Ulmer, PhD
       Miguel Rodríguez Valverde, PhD
       Darrah Westrup, PhD

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