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ACT Therapeutic Steps

  • Compassionately confront the unworkable agenda, appealing always to the client's experience as the ultimate arbiter
  • Support the client in feeling and thinking what they directly feel and think already—as it is not as what it says it is—and to find a place from which that is possible.
  • In the service of that goal, teach acceptance and defusion skills.
  • Help the client make a richer and less defended contact with the present moment, and with their own on-going thoughts, feelings, and sensations.
  • Help the client contact a transcendent sense of self.
  • Help the client become more consistently mindful.
  • Help the client move in a value direction, with all of their history and automatic reactions.
  • Help the client detect traps, fusions, and strange loops.
  • Repeat, expand the scope of the work, and repeat again, until the clients generalizes.
  • (and don't believe a word you are saying).

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