ACT Relevant Songs

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Sometimes it can be useful to play a piece of music at the beginning of a session or a group to more rapidly create a particular emotional tone for doing a certain piece of work in ACT.

If you use any music with clients, workshops, or groups, please share below so that others can benefit.

For example, I know that John Forsyth said that sometimes he uses Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt" as an opening for his workshops.

To contribute your song, click on "add child page" below.
In the Body section of the Edit page, type

  1. My song
  2. ACT Principle: Defusion (or whatever it is)
  3. Any recommendations on how to use the song

Hint: You can copy and paste the text above so that you don't have to keep track of all the HTML code.

Looking forward to the ideas. Cheers!