ACT for Psychosis Treatment Protocol

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This is such an amazing

This is such an amazing resource. I'm hoping to facilitate this group for individuals with a diagnosis of some psychotic spectrum disorder this fall at the community mental health center I work at.

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding screening measures to determine what individuals would work best for a group like this?

Thank you!!


ACT for Psychosis Protocol

Hi Jen,
Thanks for your reply and positive feedback. This protocol has been adjusted and revised and will be posted to the website very soon! As far as screening measures go, this protocol has been used in a very diverse group of patient with severe mental health problems (mainly psychotic disorders but also PTSD and depression w/psychotic features). So, I think it's suitable for a broad range.

Hi Jen, I am unaware of any

Hi Jen,

I am unaware of any well validated moderator studies which would inform us as to the best screening measures to use. However, as we know the treatment is mediated by psychological flexibility using the AAQ-II would be useful both as a means of seeing who is likely best benefit from the group and to track progress:

Additionally, I believe it is the protocol that mentions a specific focus on attention to the present moment as a key process in treatment. If this is the case, using a mindfulness measure could be useful:

If it would not be too cumbersome, doing to systematic data collection could be incredibly useful both in your future groups and for the scientific community as a whole. You may even find collaborators who would be happy to work with you on such a research project on the ACT for Professionals listserv.

Good luck on your group!