ACT for Psychosis Treatment Protocol

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This is such an amazing

This is such an amazing resource. I'm hoping to facilitate this group for individuals with a diagnosis of some psychotic spectrum disorder this fall at the community mental health center I work at.

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding screening measures to determine what individuals would work best for a group like this?

Thank you!!


Is this the ADAPT manual used in open trial?

I'm seeking the ADAPT manual which was used in the trial of ACT for Major depression with psychosis. Is this similar or does anyone know how to access ADAPT itself?

Outcome measures

Thanks for this awesome resource. I'm planning an ACT group in the secure unit where I work and was wondering about whether you had developed or used any outcome measures to evaluate the program's efficacy. Any help with thinking about this issue would be really valuable. Many thanks.

ACT evidence


ACT has been evaluated in over 60 randomized controlled trails, listed here:

Also, it is recognized by several independent organizations as being empirically supported:

I encourage you to explore the different sections of the site to learn more about the evidence supporting ACT. The links above are a good starting point.


Specific ACT outcome measures

Thanks Doug, but I get the general issues regarding the ACT evidence. What I was after here was whether there are any ACT-specific outcome measures that folks would recommend using with a program such as this.

Hi Richard, Ah, I see. Sorry

Hi Richard,

Ah, I see. Sorry I misunderstood your question. I am afraid I cannot be of much help there. I would recommend consulting the ACT for Professionals listserv, here: , or contacting the study authors directly. Good luck with your work!


Can't view files

Hi, Have tried to open both ACT for psychosis protocol files. Have had department IT officer try to access (e.g., via WORD), but unable. Is a PDF or Word documant available?

Opening files


I have attached the files as pdfs so that you can more easily access them. Note, however, that both the .docx files attached to this page can be opened in Word, so long as the Word program is up to date.



Many thanks!!

Many thanks!!

ACT for Psychosis Treatment Protocol

I'm in the very early stages of planning an ACT group comprised of persons living with SPMI and am finding your article to be an excellent resource. Thank you!

Yes, thank you!

What a wonderful resource you have provided. I am in the process of developing a program SPMI clients in a community mental health setting, and your protocol is proving to be very useful!

Thank you for posting this.

Thank you for posting this. I'd be really grateful if you could also put it up in an older version of word, as the computers where I work are a bit archaic and unfortunately can't open .docx files. Thanks very much!

Thank you!

I am very excited to finally get to view this paper. I work in Reno, NV and have just opened a PACT (Program for Assertive Community Treatment) program via the Vestige Project and am in the process of incorporating ACT with PACT for our SMI clients. It is great that you have taken the time to work on such a under- addressed yet meaningful population in regards to ACT. Thank you!