ACT for Health SIG

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ACT for Health SIG

Affiliated 2015

Contact Information

Giuseppe Deledda, MSe, Psy.D
Psychologist, Psychoterapist
Director Sercives of Clinical Psychology
Hospital Sacro Cuore-Don Calabria
Unit of Oncology, Hospital Trust of Verona, University of Verona

SIG Officers

Giuseppe Deledda – President
Elisa Rabitti - Vice–President
Daniel J. Moran - ListServ Moderator
Giulia Rubini – Member at Large
Massimo Ronchei – Member at Large
Matteo Giansante – Member at Large
Jolanta Burzynska - Member at Large
Mandelli Chiara – Member at Large
Arianna Ristallo – Member at Large
Francesco Dell’Orco – Member at Large
Anna Bianca Prevedini - Member at Large
Tommaso Fardia – Member at Large
Carla Sgro – Member at Large
Valentina Vizzotto – Member at Large
Sara Poli - Member at Large

SIG Mission/Objectives

The Special Interest Group (SIG) "ACT for Health" promotes the development of scientific evidence based protocols in the health context, in the oncological and in the palliative context, in the neurological setting (e.g. headache disorders, Alzheimer’s diseases), in the bariatric treatment, cardiac treatment, and in the surgical context. Moreover this approach has been successfully used for the training of the health workers.

Description of SIG membership 

Experts who are willing to share their knowledge and develop protocols in order to increase knowledge about the application in the field ACT of Health.

SIG Activities

• Annual meeting at the ACBS World Conference: individuals may present and propose their research projects.
• Maintain the Act for Health Listserv.
• Consider collaboration with other ACBS SIGs, to further develop research and clinical directions from this conceptual basis.
• Organize to publish on the under-acknowledged topic of “ACT: Empirical.” The first aim is to develop both research and clinical protocols in order to increase the knowledge on the use of ACT method. Another aim is also to produce articles to be published on journals and on the ACBS website, in order to disseminate and share information.
• SIG Newsletter published twice per year