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ACBS Fellows

Fellowship in the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science is meant to recognize professionals with a terminal degree who have made strong and positive contributions to Contextual Behavioral Science. Election as an ACBS Fellow is an honor and all Fellows are expected to meet the standards of professional ethics and scientific integrity.

Our focus is deliberately broad. Fellowship can be awarded early, mid, or late career; contributions may be in research, scholarship, training, public information, policy, prevention, organizational work, practice, or any other area of CBS and of the Association; substantive areas include philosophy of science, basic, and applied domains. Fellowship is a membership status in ACBS, but may be offered contingently to those who are not yet members.

The first few years of the Fellowship determination resulted, purposefully, in some large classes of Fellows. That number was not intended to set a precedent for future years. In more recent years we have settled into the more sustainable tradition of 4-6 Fellows. This is the class size that is seemingly appropriate to our Association size. No more than 6 Fellows will be awarded each year.

Current Fellows of ACBS can nominate new candidates. The nomination period is approximately early January through mid-February, each year.  The ACBS Membership Committee facilitates the process of identifying ACBS Fellows. The Fellows Timeline, Fellows rubric information and Fellow Qualification Policy are attached at the bottom of this page.

Inducted in 2024

Dayna Lee-Baggley, Ph.D.
Richard Bennett, Psy.D.
Claudia Drossel, Ph.D.
Shuanghu Fang, Ph.D.
Ramona Houmanfar, Ph.D.
Jason Lillis, Ph.D.

Inducted in 2023

Mark R Dixon, Ph.D.
Evelyn Gould, Ph.D.
Rosco Kasujja, Ph.D.
Anthi Loutsiou, Psy.D.
Jennifer Shepard Payne, Ph.D.
Koa Whittingham, Ph.D.

Inducted in 2022

Georg Eifert, Ph.D.
Valerie Kiel, MSc.
Christopher McCurry, Ph.D.
Susan McCurry, Ph.D.
Ruth Anne Rehfeldt, Ph.D.
Matthew Skinta, Ph.D.
Roger Vilardaga, Ph.D.
Robert Zettle, Ph.D. 

Inducted in 2021

Megan Kelly, Ph.D.
Rhonda Merwin, Ph.D.
Jean-Louis Monestès, Ph.D.
Joe Oliver, Ph.D.
Kenneth I. Pakenham, Ph.D.
Jill Stoddard, Ph.D.

Inducted in 2020

Rikke Kjelgaard, MSc.
Jenna LeJeune, Ph.D.
Akihiko Masuda, Ph.D.
Manuela O'Connell, MSc.
Francisco J. Ruiz, Ph.D.
Shinji Tani, Ph.D.

Inducted in 2019

Kenneth Fung, M.D.
Maria Karekla, Ph.D.
Michael Levin, Ph.D.
Darrah Westrup, Ph.D.
Patricia Zurita Ona, Psy.D.

Inducted in 2018

Paul Atkins, Ph.D.
Andrew Gloster, Ph.D.
Eric Morris, Ph.D.
Graciela Rovner, Ph.D.
Ross White, Ph.D.
M. Joann Wright, Ph.D

Inducted in 2017

Niloofar Afari, Ph.D.
Beate Ebert, Dipl.-Psych.
David Gillanders, Ph.D.
D.J. Moran, Ph.D.
Jacqueline Pistorello, Ph.D.
Emily Sandoz, Ph.D.
Rainer Sonntag, M.D.
Matthieu Villatte, Ph.D.
David Sloan Wilson, Ph.D.
Zhu Zhouhong, Ph.D.

Inducted in 2016

Jacqueline A-Tjak, MSc.
Hannah Bockarie
Darin Cairns, M.S.
Victoria Follette, Ph.D.
Robert Kohlenberg, Ph.D.
Raimo Lappalainen, Ph.D.
Paolo Moderato, Ph.D.
Takashi Muto, Ph.D.
Nanni Presti, M.D., Ph.D.
Harold Robb, Ph.D.
Patricia Robinson, Ph.D.
Dennis Tirch, Ph.D.
Mavis Tsai, Ph.D.
Niklas Törneke, M.D.

Inducted in 2015

Gerhard Andersson, Ph.D.
Patricia Bach, Ph.D.
Sonja Batten, Ph.D.
Ernst Bohlmeijer, Ph.D.
Joseph Ciarrochi, Ph.D.
Lisa Coyne, Ph.D.
Jonathan Kanter, Ph.D.
Todd Kashdan, Ph.D.
Kelly Koerner, Ph.D.
Amy Murrell, Ph.D.
Denis O'Hora, Ph.D.
Mike Twohig, Ph.D.
Kevin Vowles, Ph.D.
Rikard Wicksell, Ph.D.

Inducted in 2014

Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, Ph.D.
Anthony Biglan, Ph.D.
Jonathan Bricker, Ph.D.
JoAnne Dahl, Ph.D.
Mike Dougher, Ph.D.
Simon Dymond, Ph.D.
John Forsyth, Ph.D.
Russ Harris, M.D.
Louise Hayes, Ph.D.
James Herbert, Ph.D.
Carmen Luciano, Ph.D.
Jason Luoma, Ph.D.
Lance McCracken, Ph.D.
Louise McHugh, Ph.D.
Ian Stewart, Ph.D.
Kirk Strosahl, Ph.D.

Inducted in 2012

Dermot Barnes-Holmes, Ph.D.
Frank Bond, Ph.D.
Steven C. Hayes, Ph.D.
Robyn D. Walser, Ph.D.
Kelly G. Wilson, Ph.D.

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