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Membership Committee

This committee shall be responsible for recruiting new professional, student, and affiliate members, retaining current members, and facilitating transition from student to professional membership. The committee is charged with establishing and sustaining long-term membership options, evaluating the needs of members and their satisfaction, and liaising with Diversity and Chapter & SIGs committees.

In the past, the Membership Committee has been responsible for:
• Conducting a Membership survey
• Composing engagement emails to be sent out to new members
• Composing emails to re-engage members due to renew
• Facilitating the process of identifying ACBS Fellows.

We are always looking for new volunteers who want to serve on the Membership Committee! The 2021/2022 The Membership Committee meets every 6 weeks and 1-2 hours per month are generally needed from volunteers. Please indicate your interest here!

The 2024/2025 ACBS Membership Committee

Wyatt Evans (USA) - Co-Chair
Danielle Moyer (USA) - Co-chair
Jeridith Lord (USA) - Incoming Co-Chair
Ashlyne Mullen (USA) - Incoming Co-Chair
Sarah Cassidy (Ireland)
Alison DeLizza (USA)
Lanaya Ethington (USA)
Lane Godsey (USA)
Daniel Maitland (USA)
Courtney Pflieger (USA)
Amanda Rhodes (USA)


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