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Coaching Special Interest Group

Affiliated 2012

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Contact Information

Leann Harris
Diabetes Coach
Delphi Diabetes Coaching
Richmond, VA, USA

Mission Statement

The ACT-Based Coaching SIG will provide opportunities for coaches to access relevant resources and materials and to network within the ACBS community in all areas, including research, education, job opportunities, consultation, program development, and supervision. In this SIG, coaches who have integrated ACT principles and practices into their work or are interested in learning how to do so can come together to share information, ask questions, receive support, and strengthen their practice. An additional focus of this SIG will be to ensure that ACT-based coaching is addressed in symposia, panels, workshops, and trainings at ACBS world, regional, and local conferences.

Description of SIG membership

This SIG will be comprised of ACBS members in good standing who are interested in coaching and are committed to integrating ACT principles and practices in their work.

SIG Activities

• Online collaboration
Coaching SIG Listserv
• Hold Coaching SIG meetings at ACBS Annual World Conference
Coaching SIG Resources webpage