2017 #5 Newsletter (October)

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ACBS Newsletter - October 2017


ACT Online Peer Supervision Group: Connect Online and Learn from Your Peers

Do you want to learn to become more skilled as an ACT practitioner and gain support from other ACBS members online? The ACT Online Peer Supervision Group is a global forum that aims to provide supervision between colleagues on the experiential practice of ACT in a supported and safe group environment. The ACT Peer Supervision Group meets every two weeks and is hosted by Peer Facilitators. The ACT Online Supervision Group is free to all ACBS members.


Finding the Door to the CBS House: How a Teacher Discovered ACT and Now Uses CBS in Her Classroom

Lauren Porosoff is a sixth grade school teacher in the Bronx, New York (USA). After discovering ACT five years ago, she has been applying CBS concepts and processes to help students connect their assignments and interactions to their values, and build more satisfying learning experiences and communities. You can read about Lauren's ACT journey here.


Linguistic Mindfulness at the ACBS World Conference

This summer Jacqulyn Kowalsky joined us in Spain for her first ACBS World Conference. In this article Jacqulyn Kowalsky reflects on her conference experience and provides wonderful insight on how we can improve understanding in international settings. Read the full article on the ACBS website here.


Adding a Functional Utility Score to the Evaluation of Behavioral Health Screens in Integrated Care Settings: What's All the FUS About?

In JCBS Vol. 6 Issue 2, Alexandros Maragakis and colleagues reflect on current deficits in creating new behavioral health screens for primary care. The paper provides a justification and framework for examining the concept of a "Functional Utility Score" (FUS), which assesses a screen's ability to be useful within its intended system of care. ACBS members can read it for free (or other articles published in the Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science) on the ACBS member portal to JCBS.


ACBS Fellow James Herbert Inaugurated as President of The University of New England

Congratulations to ACBS Fellow James D. Herbert, Ph.D. for being inaugurated as the new President of the University of New England. Herbert was inaugurated on Saturday, September 9, 2017 at the university's Biddeford, Maine (USA) campus. Herbert was inducted as an ACBS fellow in 2014 and has published several articles in the Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science.


ACBS Student Spotlight Program: Applications due November 24

The ACBS Student Spotlight Program highlights students who are doing important work in the CBS community, whether for research, clinical, and/or volunteer-humanitarian efforts. This program is a great way to highlight their achievements and let the ACBS community know about important work students are doing. Six students are selected annually. The application deadline is November 24, 2017. Learn more about the program here.


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