What are Educational Objectives?

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Educational Objectives are required for sessions to be eligible for Continuing Education (CE) credit. 

Writing Educational Objectives (according to the APA)

  • Educational objectives, or learning outcomes, are statements that clearly describe what the learner will know or be able to do as a result of having attended an educational program or activity.

  • Educational objectives must be observable and measurable.

  • Educational objectives should (1) focus on the learner, and (2) contain action verbs that describe measurable behaviors

  • Verbs to consider when writing Educational objectives:

    • list, describe, recite, write
    • compute, discuss, explain, predict
    • apply, demonstrate, prepare, use
    • analyze, design, select, utilize
    • compile, create, plan, revise
    • assess, compare, rate, critique
  • Verbs to avoid when writing Educational objectives

    • know, understand
    • learn, appreciate
    • become aware of, become familiar with
  • Examples of well-written Educational objectives:

    • Implement traditional exposure-based interventions as adapted for an acceptance-based model.
    • Describe the role and significance of avoidance in the development and maintenance of psychopathology.
    • Conduct a full-scale values assessment with clients.
  • Examples of poor Educational Objectives:

    • Hear the latest research about ACT. (not learner-focused; not about measurable behaviors)
    • See a role-play. (not learner-focused; not about measurable behaviors)