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Complete List of Pre-Conference Workshops - VIRTUAL WC2021

This event has passed.  Please consider joining us for the ACBS Virtual World Conference 24-27 June which includes 50+ workshops, panels, research symposia, and recorded viewing for 2 months!


ACBS VIRTUAL WC2021 Pre-Conference Workshops

12 & 13 June MORNING workshops:

Morning workshops will be from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. UTC/GMT +2 (Central European Summer Time)

Darin Cairns, M.A.
(Clinical; Intermediate, Advanced)

David Gillanders, DClinPsy, Sonja V. Batten, Ph.D.
(Clinical; Beginner, Intermediate)

Dennis Tirch, Ph.D., Laura Silberstein-Tirch, Psy.D.
(Clinical; Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

Robyn Walser, Ph.D.
(Clinical; Intermediate, Advanced)

12 & 13 June AFTERNOON workshops:

Afternoon workshops will be from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. UTC/GMT +2 (Central European Summer Time)

Sean M. Barnes, Ph.D., Lauren M. Borges, Ph.D., Geoffrey Smith, Psy.D., Debbie Sorensen, Ph.D., Nazanin H. Bahraini, Ph.D.
(Clinical; Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

Carmen Luciano, Ph.D.
(Clínico, Investigación; Nivel intermedio, Nivel avanzado)
(Clinical, Research; Intermediate, Advanced)
*Simultaneous English translation available*

Mary P. Loudon, Ph.D., Sarah Sullivan-Singh, Ph.D., Mavis Tsai, Ph.D., Robert J. Kohlenberg, Ph.D.
(Clinical; Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

Francisco J. Ruiz, Ph.D., Louise McHugh, Ph.D., Bárbara Gil-Luciano, Ph.D.
(Clinical, Research; Beginner, Intermediate)

Emily K. Sandoz, Ph.D.
(Clinical; Intermediate, Advanced)

Kirk Strosahl, Ph.D., Patricia Robinson, Ph.D.
(Clinical; Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

Michael P. Twohig, Ph.D., Patricia Zurita Ona, Psy.D.
(Clinical, Research; Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

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