WC10 Program Committee

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These are the folks dedicating themselves to making this the best World Conference ACBS has ever had...DClogo2dates.jpg


Emily Sandoz, Ph.D., University of Louisiana, Lafayette - Chair

Paul Atkins, Ph.D., Australian National University

Andrew Gloster, Ph.D., Technical University of Dresden, Germany

Louise Hayes, Ph.D., University of Melbourne, Australia

Kate Kellum, Ph.D., University of Mississippi

Corey Porche, M.S., University of Louisiana, Lafayette

Rob Purssey, Functional Contextual Psychiatrist, Australia

J. Vince Roca, Ph.D., Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System

Members of the RFT track program subcommittee:
Matthieu Villatte (Chair), University of Louisiana, Lafayette
Louise McHugh, University fo Swansea, UK
Francisco Ruiz-Jimenez, University of Almeria, Spain
Sean Hughes, University of Ireland, Maynooth