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Videoconferencing/ Telehealth software options for therapists

On this page you can find known video/teleconferencing options that might work for you as a mental health professional. These have been submitted by ACBS members.

The ACTing with Technology SIG has put together a page highlighting a few recommendations and guidelines for online/video therapy as well.

(Looking for a therapist in your area who does video/teletherapy?  Look here!)

If you have more suggestions, please login to your ACBS account and add a “comment” at the bottom of this page, and we’ll incorporate your suggestion into this page.

Please check each system to verify that any system you choose conforms with any necessary security and privacy requirements in your Country/Province/State as needed. ACBS endorses no particular system, or its privacy statements. is easy to use, doesn’t require downloading the program from the client and is free for one-to-one sessions. In the paid version you can have group sessions, share your monitor, and other features.


Zoom is also good for individual and group sessions. If you need to facilitate group sessions or need extra options, Zooms paid plans can be more affordable compared to (Zoom has free and paid versions.  Secure and non-secure versions.)

Some ideas to Protect against malicious Zoombombing.

G Suite


Jitsi is a free and open source, fully encrypted video conferencing solution that you can use all day, every day, for free - with no account needed. You can also download it for free and run it internally at an organisation not only for staff but for customers and partners too.

To get going just use any room name to create a VC space and invite others to use it.

Some of its features are:
* Auto-view the active speaker or click on any attendee to see their video
* Android and iOS apps
* Text chatting (web only)
* Lock a room with a password
* and more....


THERAPlatform is an all in one practice management system. The video portion features ability to use an interactive whiteboard, view videos, share documents and write progress notes during video sessions (as well as in-person sessions). It's secure and HIPAA-compliant. I have no affiliation with THERAplatform and am currently trying it out. On trial, it had better connectivity than experienced with other HiPAA-compliant video systems.

Whereby easy to use - no extra downloads. (privacy compliance unknown)

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