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Lessons and surprises developing, evaluating, and disseminating online ACT

Presented by:Michael Levin, Korena Klimczak, Carter Davis, & Leila Capel

Date Recorded

Presented January 2023 as a part of The CBS Superlab - an international research lab meeting held once a month via Zoom (presented with Spanish subtitles)

Abstract: Online self-guided interventions offer significant opportunities for advancing CBS research and public health impact. However, there are also notable challenges ranging from how to efficiently and effectively develop these programs, reach individuals who would benefit, ensure adequate adherence, and integrate these services within systems of care. This presentation from the Utah State University ACT Research Group will share recent findings and lessons we’ve learned conducting self-guided ACT research. Our lab will provide a series of brief presentations on topics including how we develop online programs using Qualtrics and similar platforms, experiences recruiting targeted samples with a recent example from a trichotillomania-focused program, strategies to increase adherence with examples using peer-support coaching and offering a choice between services, and findings from disseminating ACT Guide as a widely available mental health service. Our intention is by weaving together these various pieces of the online intervention puzzle, we can showcase different ways to think about and study online ACT interventions in a muti-dimensional, process-based, and pragmatic fashion.


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59 minutes