Values Driven Treatment Goal Development Activity

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This is a treatment goal planning activity that I'm using that I really like.  I had been using a values sheet with the teens I work with to help them get in touch with sources of meaning in their stimulus-overloaded, introspection-devoid lives.  I love how values are the language of the spirit that lend nobility to our lives and work for Evangelical Fundamentalists as well as stalwart atheists.  I'd also done a life domain wheel (like life compass) some years ago as a self esteem development tool for teens though it had too much detail to capture their interest.  (That I've found such similar ideas and tools in ACT is very cool).  Anyway, I took the 80th birthday/be at your own funeral activity, combined it with the values sheet and life domain wheels to come up with a way that helps people identify highly personally relevant treatment goals.  (I'm not too computer savvy so it's not that nice to look at; but it works).

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Values driven treatment goal development activity

Thanks Nicole, for submitting these great tools. I haven’t used the wheel before for tracking the sense of where i’m at with an individual value within a domain...I really look forward to using them with my patients!