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Using the Better Living with Illness Protocol in Neurological Populations

The Department of Neuropsychology at the James Cook University Hospital in Middelsborough U.K. has adapted the BLI protocol and has been using it with people with a variety of neurological conditions and impairments. They have published a preliminary report on the adaptation and outcomes with a small series of cases. That can be seen in:

Hill, G., Hynd, N., Wheeler, M., Tarran-Jones, A., Carrabine, H., & Evans, S. (2017). Living well with neurological conditions: Evaluation of an ACT-informed group intervention for psychological adjustment in outpatients with neurological problems. The Neuropsychologist, 3, 58 – 63.

A summary of the data and the article itself are available as attachments to this page.

Dr Hill has also produced an audio recording of the exercises they use in this group and has made these available for free download below in the zip file. These are made available for non commerical use.

For more information about the adaptations, contact:

Dr. Geoff Hill
Clinical Psychologist in Neuropsychology
Department of Neuropsychology
Disability Services Centre
James Cook University Hospital
Marton Road

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