Room Share / Ride Share

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Please use this page to find hotel roommates or rides for the ACBS World Conference 14 and/or pre-conference workshops.

Please be sure to post a "check-in" and "check-out" date in your posting and if you already have a room reserved or not (and where).

To post your need: click "add new comment" (which appears in blue below). It is recommended that you list your email address so that you may be contacted directly, but that is up to you.

To respond to a posting: click "reply" at the bottom of a post, and your reply will appear on this page (you may want to give your email address so that you may be contacted directly).

See the "Example Post" and "Example Reply" below to understand what this will look like.

When your need has been met, please go back to your comment (be sure you are logged in) and click "edit", and delete the content of your post. (admin is the only one who can delete the post entirely, but if you have deleted all of the content, I'll know to delete the post) Otherwise people will just keep contacting you....

Click "Contact Us" above in the header of the site for feedback or assistance. (You only need a login to interact with this page, paid membership is not required to participate.)

Please note that it becomes the responsibility of each participant in the program to communicate with and to work out an agreement with a potential room sharer. ACBS's role is strictly limited to the maintenance of this website page who have signified interest in the program and will maintain the page but will not (a) screen participants, (b) make any determination as to the appropriateness of any resulting room share, or (c) represent that any room share which may follow use of the service will prove to be satisfactory to the participants.


Looking to change my hotel.

Looking to change my hotel. If anyone is staying at the Westin from the 14th thru the 19th and would like a last minute roommate please call or text me and I would love to split the room!



Hello, I will be arriving in


I will be arriving in Seattle on June 13 and only booked hotel for the first day (June 13th). I am looking for a roommate who have booked in the period 14th to 19th June to share a room with.

If you are interested please email me at or a private message in facebook:

Thank you,


looking for a room

Hi there, I am looking to stay for Friday and Saturday night, possibly Thursday night as well. if someone still needs a roomate for that time please let me know. I am a 29 y old grad student from Vancouver on a budget!

Please email


If you have a double room but plan to cancel, please contact me!

We are two colleagues that were sure that we had booked a room, but it was not booked. Please, if you have a room, do not cancel before contacting us. We may want to take it!

looking for roommate at the Westin

I'm a 54 y/o female psychologist from Albany, N.Y.. I have a non-smoking room with 2 double beds reserved at the Westin from June 13 until check out on the 19th. I'll be attending Kelly Wilson's workshop as well as the main conference. I'm really looking forward to this! If you'd like to share the room with me, email me at The total cost for the stay is estimated at $1,572.60, which we would divide between us.

room sharing next conference

Are you planning on attending the next world conference in Montreal? I'm starting early to find someone to share the room cost with. I'm 62 year old non-smoking, non-drinking clinical social worker looking to share a room with someone else to offset cost. Thanks, Let me know if you or someone else you know might be interested.


Hi Teressa, I just saw this.

Hi Teressa,

I just saw this. I do plan on attending the Montreal conference. However I expect to be bringing my 13 year old son, and maybe a friend of his, so I don't know that I will try to share a room with anyone (unless someone doesn't mind sharing a larger suite with young teens... ). I definitely encourage you to use the Montreal board. I was successful at finding roommates both for the Seattle conference and in D.C. as well. It was a good experience both times!

Montreal room share

Hi Teressa, I wanted to encourage you to post your request on the Montreal page:

This will give it the best visibility.

Thank you!

roommate wanted

I have a room at the Westin booked from June 13 to 19, could have a roommate for some or all of that time.
I'm a 47 year old female psychologist from Vancouver BC. Email me at

room share

Hi Dana,
I just sent you an email about sharing the room.


looking for a female roommate


I will be arriving in Seattle on June 13, 2016. I am looking for a female roommate for June 13 & 14 to share a room with. I already have a room at the conference venue reserved.

If you are interested please email me at

Thank you,


Room to share (or share a room)

Hi all- I have a room to share at the Westin for the pre-conference and conference, June 13- 19. I am open to sharing the room for all or part of that time. I am male and open to anyone sharing with me. If you wish, you can find out more about me at

I am also fine sharing someone else's room.

Please reply by email or phone.


Rob Gross

Seeking roommate Thursday - Saturday

Hi everyone,

Pretty excited about the conference coming up, you too? I have not booked a room yet and was wondering if anyone wants to share one. I will be arriving Thursday (6/16) and checking out on Sunday (6/19). I'm a 31 year old male, clinical psych PhD student in Boston. Have attended the conference since 2012 (except for Australia sadly), and looking forward to the one this year.

Anyway, if you are interested, email me at

See you in Seattle,


Seeking female roommate

Hi! Female, social worker, in 40's, looking for roommate for ACBS (check in Wed- checkout Sun). I have an Air BnB that is a block or two from the hotel and cheaper than the hotel. It would cost $350./each ( for 2 people). Please email me at if interested!

Room Share

Hi all,
My name is Amanda and I'm an ACT practitioner from Australia.
I did have a roomie organised but she has had to pull out at the last minute, is there a female interested in sharing a room? I will be there from Sunday to Sunday. Email me :)
kind regards,

ACBS roommate

Hi Amanda,

I will be very interested in sharing a room. I just sent you an email.



I am a 45 year old psychologist from DK. I'm going to the congress and I am a bit undecided about whether to book a room for myself. I just saw your post and decided to contact you. I have not booked flights yet but plan to arrive on the 13th and leave on the 19th.
Bw Lisbeth

Sharing room at next conference

Hi just checking to see if you're considering attending the next world conference in Montreal. If so I'm looking for someone to share the cost of a room. You may have forgotten but I'm a 62 year old female non-smoker, non-drinker (for the most part) clinical social worker working at a community based Veteran's health administration in the US.

Let me know if you're interested because think I need to start planning for July. Thanks, Teressa


Dear Lisbeth:
I'm having difficulty finding messages on the board. Please email me at taj1955@hotmail for better, quicker correspondence, Thanks, Teressa


Time is running out. I was going to apply for the conference but knew I couldn't pay for all the costs and $200 plus a night for a room. I've never been to Seattle so couldn't figure out an alternative. Do you think we could make some arrangement so I could make definite plans to attend the conference? Thanks, Teressa

Room from 13-19 june

Hi, I'm a 30 year old female from Belgium, clinical psychologist, and looking for someone that would share a room with me, a female+/- same generation :-). It's a bit expensive... I have no room yet! Mail me : Greetz, Julie



Room sharing

Looking for someone to share a room with as the price is a bit too much for me. I'm a 60 year old female clinical social worker with the VA. Let me know as I'm trying to decide if I can afford to go to the conference.

EXAMPLE POST - Looking for a female roommate


I will be arriving in Seattle on June 13, 2016 and leaving June 19th. I am looking for a female roommate to share a room with. I already have a room at the conference venue reserved.

If you are interested please email me at

Thank you,


EXAMPLE REPY - Female looking for a roommate


I will also be attending the conference on those days, and am looking for a roommate.

I will email you so we can discuss the possibility of sharing a room.