Research: Basic & Applied

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The core of the contextual behavioral science (CBS) model of science is work that is inherently translational in nature; basic research informing interventions and vice versa.

Therefore RFT researchers are comprised of basic scientists who possess an interest in RFT’s application to human behavior, or are also clinicians or applied behavior analysts who are interested in understanding clinically-relevant phenomena. As such, RFT principles and processes have been useful for influencing and optimizing performance and functioning across a broad range of human phenomena.

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In the child pages below you will find information about RFT studies, information on how RFT has been and continues to be researched and applied, and resources for conducting your own research. Also, the ACBS community has has a list of research labs all over the world where you might:

  • gain a better understanding of the current lines of research in RFT that is ongoing;
  • network with others doing similar work as yours;
  • foster collaboration between researchers and labs;
  • follow up with researchers on the status of projects.

Please click here to find a comprehensive list of RFT laboratories.

These pages are under construction, so please be patient with us and check back often for new information.