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General Association information

I have looked at and referenced a number of the resources on this website:

If you need anything regarding governance, strategic planning, volunteer management, he has a lot of free documents/policies/examples for download.

A few companies/products that may have free to cheap products that will help with the management of your Chapter/SIG.

  • The ACBS Website! - create a web presence for your group under your primary group/chapter page.  Check out the FAQ for details.
  • - to do polling and elections
  • - to send out bulk, formatted emails
  • - for collecting funds... has sites in many different languages
  • - for helping to find a meeting time when everyone is available

More Tech Tools & Resources

The following represent a sampling of available tools and resources chapters could use to address a number of the operational tasks. Note: This list was compiled over a year ago and there are a gazillion+ and new technologies coming online every day. Probably need to develop a process to catalog and curate on an ongoing basis. This could be done in a chapter forum/listserv.

If any of these are no longer working, or if you have something to add, please login and “comment” at the bottom of this page and we’ll update it.

Some of these (like the conference calling) are US Based, and may not be available elsewhere.

Online Document Sharing (free versions available)
Google Docs –
4 Shared –
Scribd –
DocStoc –
DropBox –

Online Calendar (free versions available)
Yahoo Groups –
Google Groups –
Groupsites – (offers full group services – free & fee based)

Distribution Tools
MailChimp – (free)
1and1mail – (free)
Constant Contact – (fee-based)
MagnetMail – (fee based)
iContact – (fee-based)

Conference Call Services (free versions available)
You can use these services to schedule a conference call for your chapter leaders. Each of these services is different, so please review their websites and see which one works best for your needs.
Once you schedule a call you’ll need to send out the day/time and call-in information to call’s participants. We recommend sending it as an Outlook meeting request so it is automatically added to a person’s calendar once they
accept the meeting invite; however, you can also send all of the information in a regular email.
Rondee –
Wiggio – (offers full group services – free)
GroupMe – (offers group messaging & conferencing)
GoogleVoice –
Free Conference Call –
No Cost Conferences –

Webinar Services
AnyMeeting -
GoToWebinar -

Social Media & Social Networking Tools
LinkedIn (free)
Facebook – groups & private groups (free)
Groupsites – (offers full group services – free & fee based)
WordPress – (free & fee-based; blogging platform with CMS)
ListServe – (fee-based)

The ACBS Website! -
Go Daddy – (fee-based; add-ons include calendar, email marketing)
DreamHost – (fee-based)
MediaTemple – (fee-based)
Laughing Squid – (fee-based)
Web Hosting for Free – (free)
Webs – (free)

Advocacy Tools
Citizen Speak – (free)
The Proponent – (fee-based)
Rally Congress – (fee-based)

Web-Based Databases (fee based)
Wild Apricot –
MemberClicks –
Star Chapter –
MemberHub –
WishList –

Shared Grantwriter (contract services)
Allied Grant Writers –
Resource Associates –

Volunteer Management
iVolunteer -
VolunteerSpot -
Volunteer Scheduler Pro -

Event registration
Event Brite -
RegOnLine -
WuFoo -

Survey Gizmo -
Survey Monkey -
TypeForm -

... have any good additions (or are any of these not helpful?)? login to the website, and click "add new comment" below, and put in your info and ACBS will incorporate it into this page