Recruiting Initial Board Members

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Recruiting initial board members differs for Chapters and SIGs.

For SIGs, the process is easier.  In fact, SIGs are not required to have a board!  Instead, SIGs are encouraged to identify a Leader/Chair or co-leader/co-chair (as many as are needed).  This more informal, looser organization seems to be more effective for SIGs.  However, If SIGs would like create a board, they are free to hold an election in the same way as a Chapter.

For Chapters, initial board members will likely be comprised of the motivated and energetic individuals whom are organizing the Chapter.  However, a Chapter must still hold an election (see Elections- how to run them).  ACBS is willing to help run the first election if so desired.  But don't be intimidated!  All this means is that individuals interested in serving as a board member need to be nominated or self-nominate, and that the list of prospective members will take a vote.