Zettle & Hayes, 1987

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Zettle, R. D., & Hayes, S. C. (1987). A component and process analysis of cognitive therapy. Psychological Reports, 61, 939-953.

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ACT: Conceptual
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cognitive therapy, component and process analysis, depression, cognitive restructuring, distancing, behavioral homework

A component and process analysis of cognitive therapy was conducted. Three components, distancing, cognitive restructuring, and behavioral homework, were presented in various sequential combinations during 12 wks of treatment to 12 women between 22 and 61 yr. of age. Time-series analyses of individual improvement suggested that components combined in an additive rather than interactive manner. The mechanisms through which components initiated therapeutic change were evaluated by measures assessing both cognitive and behavioral processes specific to depression. The results of the component and process analysis differed from predictions derived from cognitive theory. Replication with a large sample is needed. Implications for the practice of and further research in cognitive therapy are discussed.

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