Vitalizing Elders

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Rydberg, S. (2011). Vitalizing Elders.  Lifelong Education, China.

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ACT: Empirical
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Activation program, senior-citizens

This paper illustrates the activity designs of "vitalizing of elders" program in the residence of senior citizens (aged between 70 and 90) where the author resides in recent years and the psychological research of the activity results. The research purpose of this paper includes: a. to discuss whether it is feasible to launch the program of "vitalization of elders" - 1) feasibility research; 2) to discuss whether the proactive coping can guide the program of "vitalization of elders"; 3) to encourage other similar researches for "vitalizing of elders" with his personal experience; 4) to encourage other researchers to design better researches for "vitalizing of elders".

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Since 2007, I am running a weekly activation program is at a senior-citizen residence in Stockholm. In 2008, it got a research grant. A report is accepted by a Chinese journal, Lifelong Education.

There is a separate method publication, "Group Engagement Tips" (GET).