Twohig & Woods, 2004

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Twohig, M. P., & Woods, D. W. (2004). A Preliminary Investigation of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Habit Reversal as a Treatment for Trichotillomania. Behavior Therapy, 35(4), 803-820.

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ACT: Empirical
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trichotillomania; ACT; Habit Reversal

In this study, the combination of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Habit Reversal (ACT/HR) was evaluated as a treatment for trichotillomania with 6 adults. The effectiveness of ACT/HR was assessed within two separate multiple baseline designs. Self-monitoring data showed that treatment was successful in decreasing the numbers of hairs pulled to near-0 levels for 4 of the 6 participants, with results being maintained for 3 of the 4 participants at the 3-month follow-up. These findings were confirmed with ancillary measures. The treatment was found to be acceptable by all participants.

A series of controlled single case designs show that ACT, and ACT combined with habit reversal helps with hair pulling.
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