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The Wiley Handbook of Contextual Behavioral Science

APA Citation

Zettle, R. D., Hayes, S. C., Barnes-Holmes, D., & Biglan, A. (2016). The Wiley Handbook of Contextual Behavioral Science. John Wiley & Sons.

Publication Topic
CBS: Conceptual
CBS: Empirical
RFT: Conceptual
Publication Type
contextual behavioral science, relational frame theory, philosophical assumptions

The Wiley Handbook of Contextual Behavioral Science describes the philosophical and empirical foundation of the contextual behavioral science movement; it explores the history and goals of CBS, explains its core analytic assumptions, and describes Relational Frame Theory as a research and practice program.

  • This is the first thorough examination of the philosophy, basic science, applied science, and applications of Contextual Behavioral Science
  • Brings together the philosophical and empirical contributions that CBS is making to practical efforts to improve human wellbeing
  • Organized and written in such a way that it can be read in its entirety or on a section-by-section basis, allowing readers to choose how deeply they delve into CBS
  • Extensive coverage of this wide ranging and complex area that encompasses both a rich basic experimental tradition and in-depth clinical application of that experimental knowledge
  • Looks at the development of RFT, and its implications for alleviating human suffering