Rosenfarb, Hayes, & Linehan, 1989

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Rosenfarb, I. S., Hayes, S. C., & Linehan, M. M. (1989). Instructions and experiential feedback in the treatment of social skills deficits in adults. Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, and Practice, 26, 242-251.

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Other Third-Wave Therapies: Conceptual
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social skills training, experiential feedback, study

Outpatient adults with significant social skills deficits participated in an eight-session individual social skills, role-playing training program. Some clients were given instructions on specific behaviors to modify during role-playing, other clients developed their own instructions, while a third group were given no instructions but simply role-played the scenes. Half the clients in each condition also received "experiential feedback," which was effective in helping clients become more socially skilled. Instructions on specific behaviors to modify (whether therapist- or client-initiated) did not significantly improve social skills.

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