Mindfulness in organizations: Foundations, research, and applications

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Atkins, P.W.B., & Reb, J. (Eds.). (2015). Mindfulness in organizations: Foundations, research, and applications. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

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CBS: Conceptual
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Mindfulness techniques, having long played an important role in contemplative traditions around the world, are now recognized as having the potential to transform workplaces. As interest in the role of mindfulness in organizational settings continues to increase, this timely book fills a gap in the literature by providing an overview of the latest theoretical and empirical research on workplace mindfulness. It brings together world-leading scholars to explore the foundations, key discussions, diversity of approaches and applications of mindfulness in organizations. It acts as a catalyst for future research on the topic by suggesting research directions and stimulating organizational researchers to embark on new projects involving mindfulness. Furthermore, it provides valuable ideas for implementing mindfulness programs in organizations, for teaching mindfulness in business contexts, and for coaching with mindfulness. This must-read book will appeal to researchers and professionals in the fields of organizational behavior, organizational psychology and employee well-being.

  • Up-to-date theoretical and empirical research from the world's leading researchers on mindfulness in organizations: summarizes a field that is exploding in popularity and provides a foundation for future research and practice
  • Initial chapters make up a 'foundations section', providing a detailed overview and historical background of mindfulness to help readers to put mindfulness research in perspective and develop their research studies
  • Pragmatic descriptions of the applications of mindfulness: informative for leaders, HR and other managerial professionals who are considering whether to adopt mindfulness programs in their organizations; provides information for coaches and instructors on mindfulness-based approaches and applications