Hayes, Villatte, Levin, Hildebrandt, 2011

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Hayes, S.C., Villatte, M., Levin, M. & Hildebrandt, M. (2011). Open, aware, and active: Contextual approaches as an emerging trend in the behavioral and cognitive therapies. Annual Review of Clinical Psychology, 7, 141-168.

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ACT: Conceptual
ACT: Empirical
Behavior Analysis: Conceptual
Behavior Analysis: Empirical
Contextual Methodology and Scientific Strategy
Other Third-Wave Therapies: Conceptual
Other Third-Wave Therapies: Empirical
Professional Issues in Contextual Behavioral Science
RFT: Conceptual
RFT: Empirical
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acceptance, mindfulness, values, third wave CBT, mediation

A wave of new developments has occurred in the behavioral and cognitive therapies that focuses on processes such as acceptance, mindfulness, attention, or values. In this paper we describe some of these developments and the data regarding them, focusing on information about components, moderators, mediators, and processes of change. These “third wave” methods all emphasize the context and function of psychological events more so than their validity, frequency, or form, and for these reasons we use term “contextual CBT” to describe their characteristics. Both putative processes, and component and process evidence, indicate that they are focused on establishing a more open, aware, and active approach to living, and that their positive effects occur because of changes in these processes.

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