Hayes, Strosahl, & Wilson, 1999

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Hayes, S. C., Strosahl, K., & Wilson, K. G. (1999). Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: An experiential approach to behavior change. New York: Guilford Press.

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ACT: Conceptual
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"Once in a while, there is a unique contribution to psychotherapy. Even more rare is the grounding of that contribution in sound philosophy, on the one hand, and firm data, on the other. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy represents such an effort. In a truly creative leap forward, Hayes and his colleagues present a new approach to behavior change that is ‘must' reading for everyone in the field of psychotherapy or behavior therapy, as well as students entering the profession."--David H. Barlow, PhD

"The pragmatic and reasonable approach described in this book will be of great interest to therapists from any disciplinary background. It will also serve as an excellent text in graduate-level counseling and psychotherapy courses."--Arthur Freeman, EdD, ABPP

"Presents an innovative approach to helping clients accept their thoughts and feelings and overcome experiential avoidance.... The authors delineate a solid clinical rationale and provide clear guidelines for ACT implementation. A real strength of this book is the chapters on each stage of treatment, which detail a wealth of strategies and interventions and include excellent exercises, therapist-client dialogues, and pointers for practice."--Leslie S. Greenberg, PhD

"This is no ordinary book. Only rarely do we come across a work that fundamentally influences the way we think about the practice of psychology. This has been my experience of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy....Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is not only essential for understanding ACT, but I would consider it important reading for anyone interested in modern therapy and the future of Clinical Psychology. While ACT is only one example of the most recent flowering of the scientist-practitioner/clinical psychology resurgence, it is one that I believe many clinicians will find fits their scientific training, personal philosophies, and is a "workable" vehicle for themselves and their clients. After reading this book I have unashamedly become an ACT fan. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is the single most useful book I have ever read on psychology....I have also found that it has informed my understanding of other therapeutic approaches. It was a joy, and a challenge, to encounter a therapy so thoughtful, and humane, while so steeped in theory and in the experimental literature. It is a wonderful example of the scientist-practitioner model in action. I can recommend it wholeheartedly as an extremely interesting and very useful book for any clinical psychologist."--New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists Journal

"...I was thoroughly engaged after the first paragraph....I would recommend the text as one of many useful guides for beginning clinicians. Its strengths include the process of engaging with clients and building an effective working relationship. The many therapeutic exercises offered are a particularly valuable inclusion in the book."--Psychotherapy in Australia

"...presents an interesting alternative to the dominant models in clinical psychology. Practicing counsellors and graduate students of psychology would be well advised to read this text."--The Irish Psychologist

"[This is] a valuable addition to any comparative psychotherapy course and a compelling addition to any advanced cognitive psychotherapy course. Recommended reading for any serious student of behavioral psychotherapy, it is an important book. It may well reflect the next move forward in therapy and our understanding of the human condition."--Child and Family Behavior Therapy

This is the ACT bible at the moment. A must read if you are interested in ACT.