Hayes, 2002

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Hayes, S. C. (2002). On being visited by the vita police: A reply to Corrigan. The Behavior Therapist, 25, 134-137.

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Contextual Methodology & Scientific Strategy
Other Third-Wave Therapies: Conceptual
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ACT, FAP, DBT, Corrigan's Index, P.W. Corrigan, innovative ideas, random clinical trials, scientific method

(Beginning of article.)
There is something very disturbing about the recent article in tBT by Corrigan (2001), arguing that ACT, FAP, and DBT have gotten ahead of their data. Staying in touch with the data is a defining feature of behavior therapy, and it is no small matter to criticize behavior therapy scholarship on these grounds, especially based on a proposed change in our historical methods of detecting this problem. Losing touch with the data can be instantiated by many things: overblown claims as compared to the data, premature or excessive commercialization, repackaging known and empirically established procedures under new names without acknowledging that fact, a failure to propose and test a plausible theory of change engaged by the method, poor specification of the method, poor assessment of process or outcome, and so on. Corrigan proposes to skip over these tried and true areas of concern in favor of publication counts. That would be an error....

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