Goldiamond, 1974

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Goldiamond, I. (1974). Toward a constructional approach to social problems: Ethical and constitutional issues raised by applied behavior analysis. Behaviorism, 2(1),1-84.

Publication Topic: 
Behavior Analysis: Conceptual
Contextual Methodology & Scientific Strategy
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Bioethical Issues; Bioethics; Child; Coercion; Conditioning, Operant; Decision Making; Goals; Health Care Rationing; Human; Informed Consent; Institutionalization; Mental Health; Mentally Ill Persons; Methods; Patient Care; Patient Selection; Prisoners; Professional-Patient Relations; Psychotherapy

Concepts of social power and its allocation are currently being applied to many social issues. In a related manner, questions are being increasingly raised with regard to the constitutional and human rights of prisoners, mental patients, and other subjects of institutional control.3 It is only to be expected, given this intellectual and social climate, that behavior modification procedures used in institutions (and elsewhere) should come under scrutiny. These procedures, needless to say, have not been singled out for such examination, since their examination is part of a ...

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