Dougher, 2000

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Dougher, M. J. (Ed.). (2000). Clinical behavior analysis. Reno, NV: Context Press.

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ACT: Empirical
Behavior Analysis: Conceptual
Behavior Analysis: Empirical
Professional Issues in Contextual Behavioral Science
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ACT, clinical behavior analysis

In the past decade, an increasing number of scholar/practitioners have contributed to the developing field of clinical behavior analysis. These writers have drawn upon long-standing behavior analytic principles and recent advances in verbal behavior research to explain the development of a variety of clinical disorders, advocate alternative approaches to clinical assessment and classification, develop new therapeutic interventions, and suggest new treatment goals. The field has grown enormously and it is fair to say at this point that clinical behavior analysis has made some unique contributions to the fields of psychopathology, clinical assessment, and psychotherapy. The purpose of this book is to bring together in a single place a sampling of the work that constitutes the growing field of clinical behavior analysis. It is available from New Harbinger/Context Press.

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This is a cool book that summarizes a number of the developments in clinical behavior analysis, including extensive coverage of ACT.