Building trust at the beginning of a new leadership role

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Atkins, P. W. B. (2011). Building trust at the beginning of a new leadership role: The role of learning and collaboration. In P. T. Hart & J. Uhr (Eds.), How Power Changes Hands: Transition and Succession in Government (pp. 191-207). Sydney: Palgrave Macmillan

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The nature of public sector management and leadership is changing. To address whole-of-government and whole-of-society challenges, public sector organizations are exploring more collaborative forms of leadership (Alford and Hughes, 2008; Getha-Taylor, 2008). Leadership, particularly at senior levels, is becoming more about influencing across boundaries, taking broader and more multiple perspectives and about recognizing and integrating complexity (Hooijberg and Schneider, 2001; Karp and Helgø, 2008). And in public organizations in particular, there are increasing demands for transparency and high ethical standards from leaders.