Berkout, Cathey, & Kellum. 2019

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Berkout, O. V., Cathey, A. J., & Kellum, K. K. (2019). Scaling-up assessment from a contextual behavioral science perspective: Potential uses of technology for analysis of unstructured text data. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, 12, 216-224.

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CBS: Conceptual
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Technology, Contextual behavioral science, Assessment, Natural language processing

With technological advancement, we have increased access to unstructured text data and the means to analyze it. Such information is available from electronic health records, blogs, social media posts, and other sources and is being used in business applications and social science research. These approaches can open up new areas for analysis, summarize massive amounts of information, and provide rapid feedback. Contextual behavioral science research in this area remains extremely limited. This manuscript provides an overview of techniques suitable for beginners interested in such analyses, potential applications, and resources for learning more.

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