Barnes-Holmes, McHugh, Barnes-Holmes, 2004

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Barnes-Holmes, Y., McHugh, L., & Barnes-Holmes, D. (2004). Perspective-taking and Theory of Mind: A relational frame account. The Behavior Analyst Today, 5, 15-25.

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RFT: Conceptual
RFT: Empirical
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theory of mind, relational frame theory, false beliefs, deception, perpective taking, self

The authors, researchers at the National University of Ireland, examine an alternative approach to perspective-taking from a functional behavioral framework stance. The concepts and methodologies behind this approach are driven by a modern behavioral account of human language and cognition known as Relational Frame Theory. As well as providing a brief summary of the core concepts of Relational Frame Theory, the article presents the relational frame account of cognitive perspective-taking.

This article reviews the previous studies examining theory of mind and perspective taking from a Relational Frame Theory perspective. Results from previous studies are reported and details of the higher levels of theory of mind (such as false belief and deception) are discussed. RFT is proposed as a behavior analytic approach to complex cognitive phenomena in humans, and future directions for this research are discussed.
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