ABCs of Human Behavior

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Ramnero, J., & Törneke, N. (2008). ABCs of human behavior: Behavioral principles for the practicing clinician. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger & Reno, NV: Context Press.

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Behavior Analysis: Conceptual
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behavior analysis, behavior, concepts

When behavior and cognitive therapy mixed into cognitive behavior therapies, largely during the 1980s, cognitive models became dominant and basic behavior principles were largely sidelined in clinical psychology curricula. Issues in cognition became the focus of case conceptualization and intervention planning for most therapists. In recent years there has been a renewed interest in learning theory, and basic behavior principles are once again becoming central in clinical practice. This is especially true in the new “third-wave” behavior therapies which begin to address areas of concern in the cognitive models. For many of today’s clinicians, though, classical behaviorism may not have been a major part of their clinical education. In order to broaden the understanding of learning theory and make the best use of the newer psychotherapies, there is a need to revisit basic behavioral principles from a practical angle.

The ABCs of Human Behavior offers the practicing clinician a solid and practical introduction to the basics of modern behavioral psychology. The book focuses both on the classical principles of learning as well as more recent developments that explain language and cognition in behavioral and contextual terms. These principles are not just discussed in the abstract—rather the book shows how the principles of learning apply in a clinical context. Practical and easy to read, the book walks you through both common sense and clinical examples that will help you use behavioral principles to observe, explain, and influence behavior in a therapeutic setting.

It's a basic behavior analysis book for clinicians/ M.D.s/ psychiatrists/ etc. who haven't had training in BA. Originally written in Swedish.