Psychedelic and Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness SIG

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Psychedelic and Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness SIG

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Contact Information

Nathan Gates, MA
Clinical professional Counselor, Private Practice
Canton, IL, USA


The mission of the Psychedelic/Non-Ordinary of Consciousness SIG is to seriously engage with the accumulating body of scientific data regarding the therapeutic and human growth potential for psychedelic drugs and non-ordinary states of consciousness from a functional contextual perspective.

This will be achieved by:
1) De-stigmatizing the use of psychedelic agents for scientific and clinical purposes. This may include fearlessly promoting dialogue with other ACBS members, creating publications that examine current scientific knowledge from a functional contextual perspective, and building bridges with others doing this work.
2) Promoting scientific investigation of non-ordinary states for the purposes of basic and applied behavioral science.
3) To create a contextual conceptualization for the effects of the experience of non-ordinary states and their potential therapeutic benefits.

General Interest Area to be Specifically Addressed

Interest in the scientific study of psychedelic drugs and the associated non-ordinary states of consciousness that they evoke has grown tremendously in the past decade. Once considered a highly promising class of drugs for therapeutic and personal benefit, cultural taboos and legal restrictions effectively ended their study for over 30 years. As those sanctions begin to lift, many questions are left under investigated, and no form of behavioral psychology has ever attempted to study or explain the positive psychological benefits that are strongly suggested by current evidence.

SIG Activities

1. Annual meeting at the World Conferences.
2. Maintain an email listserve to promote conversation and support between SIG members.
3. Author publications examining the existing data on non-ordinary states of consciousness from a functional contextual perspective, including questions that could potentially be experimentally investigated.
4. Develop collaborations with other groups working on the scientific investigation of psychedelic states.
5. SIG Resources webpage

Description of Membership

The membership is open to all ACBS members, of all categories, interested in these issues from the perspective of contextual behavioral science.