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Post-Doctoral sponsorship with Foothills CBT, Colorado

Applications are currently being accepted for a Postdoctoral Fellow

Foothills CBT is pleased to announce an opportunity for a qualified postdoctoral psychology fellow, who is interested in training and accruing hours towards licensure in a well-established, evidence-based, group private practice in the Boulder, Colorado area. The postdoctoral fellow would start late summer/fall 2023 (at the end of internship).

The successful applicant will have excellent training and experience in evidence-based psychotherapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and/or Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). The postdoc will predominantly work with college-aged individuals, young adults and adults presenting with anxiety and/or mood disorders. However, the ideal candidate will also be interested in training/working with older teens. If a candidate has interest in working with additional ages (early teen/adolescent/child) and/or presenting problems that is HIGHLY encouraged.

This is a full-time employee opportunity. The hours and caseload are flexible with a minimum of 20 client facing hours per week. Compensation will be based on a percent commission of provided services. The range of compensation will vary based on caseload (you'll have the opportunity to increase your caseload as desired), but a full caseload (20 clients/week) could afford an annual income of roughly $87,7120. This includes six (6) days of paid sick leave and fifteen (14) unpaid vacation days and, with the potential for additional fringe benefits.

We offer all the opportunities of private practice (excellent pay, flexibility in setting your schedule, flexible vacation time) without any of the business stressors of setting up a private practice (marketing, administrative work, startup costs and overhead). We also afford you the opportunity to build a caseload that is consistent with your ideal population and clinical interests. All business and administrative tasks are taken care of for you, so you can do what you love: provide excellent services to people who need them.

You also get to be part of an amazing team of people, with regular consultation and readily available clinical and administrative support. Our values center around providing excellent care to our clients, a sense of team community, compassion and respect for our clients and for our team members, continued growth and development as clinicians, and joy (!) at work.

Supervision for a postdoctoral associate will provided by Samantha Monk Grigsby, PhD, with the goal of providing you with enough hours and supervision to apply for licensure at the end of the postdoctoral training year. Clinical supervision is based on various CBT, ACT, DBT protocols for the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders.

Please view for Dr. Grigsby's supervision qualifications.

Finally, should the candidate and practice agree they are a good fit, this position affords the opportunity to continue as a licensed associate psychologist with Foothills CBT after completion of the postdoc year.

Please note: This is NOT a formal APPIC approved program.
For more information about Foothills CBT and about Dr. Grigsby, please
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(Information submitted December 5, 2022)

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