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Postdoctoral Fellowship, The University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas

A full-time postdoctoral fellowship in trauma-informed clinical child and adolescent psychology is available at The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. UTMB is a large academic health system based out of Galveston Island, Texas, which is 50 miles South of Houston. Galveston County is identified as a federally underserved region, where providers often interact with diverse and underserved communities with historically low access to mental health care.

This fellowship predominantly involves the provision of evidence-based services to youth affected by exposure to traumatic events. Fellows will gain experience conducting comprehensive trauma-focused assessments, providing evidence-based interventions according to well-established protocols, and consulting in a multidisciplinary environment with psychiatrists, medical providers, social workers, and within school systems.

Clinical services will be delivered via telehealth and fellows will have opportunities to work from home. Fellows will receive formal didactic training on trauma-informed care, as well as a breadth of topics in clinical child and adolescent psychology and behavioral science.

Fellows will be able to meet certification requirements in evidence-based treatments, including Prolonged Exposure for Adolescents and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Opportunities to collaborate on education and outreach initiatives will also be available. Applicants with research interests will have an opportunity to contribute to publication-focused projects related to ongoing clinical psychology studies in the department.

We are seeking applicants with the following qualifications:

- Completion of an APA-accredited internship,
- Completion of an APA-accredited doctoral psychology program,
- Graduate coursework and clinical case experience in child psychological assessment and treatment, and
- Eligibility for a provisional psychology license in Texas.

Strong applicants will have clinical experience with established trauma-focused treatments and a background in applied clinical research.

Interested applicants can apply by emailing a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and two or more letters of recommendation to kigushan @ utmb . edu Letters of recommendation should include a faculty member from the applicant's doctoral program familiar with their academic work and at least one primary clinical supervisor, preferably from the applicant's doctoral internship program. Strong applicants will show evidence of interest and dedication to justice, diversity, and equity in mental healthcare.


(The information was submitted on April 15, 2022)

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