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Postdoctoral Fellowship, Community Health of Central Washington

Postdoctoral Fellowship at CHCW

We will be offering three post-doc positions this year for three different tracks: family medicine, pediatrics, and school-based health systems. While there are three different tracks that reflect the locations and settings of clinical experiences, all post-docs will get the following experiences:

-* PCBH experience that embraces the GATHER* (Generalist, Accessible, Team-oriented, High Productivity, Educator, Routine) approach to integrated BH.
- *Working as a behavioral scientist* within a long-standing family medicine residency. Post-docs will work alongside six other behavioral scientists in our residency program
-*Training in being a director of a future PCBH program*.

Post-docs will progress through a specific curriculum that will include readings, experiences, and other learning opportunities to ensure, once graduated, fellows are ready and primed for director positions.

Please see more information at our website

Applications are due January 1st 2022. Can be addressed to me at and must include cover letter, CV, and three letters of recommendation. 


(This information was submitted on November 8, 2021)

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