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Pegrum Therapy & Training


The formal stuff: I was introduced to ACT in 2007, and fell in love with it. I have been using it in my personal life and clinical practice ever since. I work with adults with a variety of struggles (such as anxiety, trauma, workplace stress), and my speciality is eating disorders, body image and weight stigma. After completing an Advanced Clinical Supervision Diploma through the University of Calgary in 2012, I started providing individual supervision to students, and have since expanded providing supervision and consultation to psychology and psychiatry residents, provisionally registered psychologists and psychologists. Not only do I enjoy providing individual supervision and consultation, but also I also enjoy providing training to groups of health care professionals. I have provided a number of in person training here in Newfoundland, Canada, and at ACBS World Conferences. Furthermore I have provided a variety of virtual training and workshops. In 2022 I became a Peer Reviewed ACT Trainer.

I believe in creating a safe space for exploration and learning to occur, whether it is individual supervision/consultation or in a group setting. I generally provide supervision in ACT, and like to build an awareness of what our values are as therapist, what hooks us and pulls us away from those values, and ways of unhooking and finding our way back. I tend to work collaboratively, and adjust supervision/consultation/training to what a person or an organization needs.

Less formal, but more fun (I think): As a supervisor/trainer I value safety, compassion, openness, authenticity, and humor (amongst other values). While I carry these values into my personal life, I also value adventure, fun/playfulness, belonging and courage. What this looks like in action is I am always seeking or open to new experiences and connecting with people. I love travelling and trying new foods. I do improv as it brings out my playful side, and there are a number of life lessons within it. I seek to build a sense of belonging for myself and others, and have noticed throughout my life I have often felt like I didn't belong. Times when I felt seen, heard and like I belong has usually been associated with incredible experiences and growth. I love seeing the gifts of diversity. Also, I love my cats and if we are zooming you may see or hear one or more of them.

For more information on me and my work, check out my website (, on social media (@drsarahpegrum on Facebook and Instagram), or send me an email (

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