Our audience

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Who is our audience?   Anyone and everyone!  One of the strengths of the ACBS community is that it is welcoming and inclusive towards a variety of roles, disciplines, and professions.  You may consider:

  • Clinicians and Mental Health Care Workers: practicing clinicians and therapists with letters after there name such as MSW, LCSW, PhD, PsyD, MFT, etc.
  • Academics: PhDs or master's level individuals working in universities, colleges, and academic medical centers
  • Students: students at local colleges and universities
  • Medicine: psychiatrists and other doctors
  • Education: teachers, teaching assistants, and others working in educational settings
  • Business: ACT and CBS principles have been applied to business settings
  • Other: part of the mission of ACBS is to disseminate contextual behavioral science principles, so thinking outside of the box and helping connect individuals who may be interested or benefit from involvement with the ACBS community is encouraged!