Ontario, Canada

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Ontario Association for Contextual Behavioural Science

Affiliated 2011

Contact Information

Aliza Weinrib
Toronto, Ontario


The purpose of the organisation shall be to foster the development of functional contextual cognitive and behavioural science and practice within Ontario, with a focus on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Chapter Activities

Please join us for:

-webinars from ACT leaders just for our Ontario community

-peer meetings where you can learn and practice ACT skills

-presentations from our local experts on everything from pain to parenting!

-local ACT trainings

-holiday parties

Description of Membership

The membership of the Chapter shall be people who are interested in the advancement of contextual behavioural science and practice. It is anticipated that the membership will be comprised of clinicians eg, psychologists, social workers, physicians, psychiatrists and psychotherapists, academics and students practicing and/or studying in Ontario.  

Board Members (2019)

Aliza Weinrib – Chair

Kathryn Palmer - Chair elect

Sean Sydor - Treasurer

Sarah Walsh - Secretary

Nikolay Pavlov – Member-at-large

Kimberly Sogge - Member-at-large

Brittany Rosenbloom – Student Representative

Join us!

To join our chapter, simply indicate Ontario, Canada as a “Desired Chapter” in your account on the ACBS website (click "My Account" at the top of the webpage, and then at the bottom of your personal account page, click "Edit contact information", and go to the "Desired chapter membership" field, and if you click in that field, a menu of chapter options will pop up, so you can just choose the Ontario, Canada chapter)

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